AERA Dance




The pole contest where the only rules are there are no rules.

Here is a collection of the 2016 contestants.

Polesque was last held November 6, 2016 at House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY.

In the first round the pole dancing contestants perform in four groups. In between each group Burlesque artists and other surprise guests will perform. This is not part of the pole dancing competition. We just really like burlesque.

Contestants will perform a 3 minute, choreographed, pole dancing routine. This is the contestants chance to tell a story on the pole. This round will be judged by a panel of three judges. They will pick the final contestants to move on to the Battle round.

In the Battle round, the final contestants will be on stage together and each contestant will perform a 30 second freestyle to the music of our DJ's choosing.

Then our host will ask the audience to choose the Polesque Champion.